Saturday, September 29, 2012

So six or seven capsules of vitamins in the drawer. I forgot about them. Was spacing them out, didn't want them to be finished quickly. But knew they were there. Just didn't bother taking them. Haven't been feeling the need to take them. Except for vitamin C. Feels like my gums have scurvy. Why are they retreating? And even after an orange, they seem to inch forward again, but after a while, or in no time at all, they feel sparse again. Is that normal? Did gums just grow like that, into adult form, or is it scurvy? Like you could tell where they were once, an arc on the teeth.

Just not aggressive enough to eat oranges. Hate dirtying fingers, and then touching mouse or keyboard with it. Maybe I could peel it using plastic?

I do like the taste when it's sweet ^_^

Apples, yeah, I guess this is the only time I like Apple. It's Ok, can wash them, but sometimes I just want to bite without washing... you look at them, they look fine, they're red, they look healthy, they look fresh, and even after washing them, they look the same. I wish I could see what I was washing off so that there's gratification that washing them actually makes a difference, that the pesticides are actually removed.

And what about the top and bottom of the apple? You would think that's where all the bad stuff accumulates. Just too lazy to be even bothered to throw it away, so eat it, I do.

OMG how much pesticides have I consumed?

Hmm how evil is eat, to eat residue....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi YM, when do you want it open?

I don't know if the kitchen in the new hospital if there are stoves in there, and then I also have to make sure there's going to be someone who will cook the food... and then the janitor... and then we have to arrange transpo for the staff.

Was targeting Dec. 1. But then looked at the holidays. So I looked if we can Open Oct. 15. But it's too close, because we have to hire cooks, servers, maintenance people, water trucks... so 1 month might be too close. But I'm thinking, it's doable. I'm just worried if we have to buy beds, that might take a while, I don't know how fast we can get it...

Was also thinking, I want to open as a gift for you!

But is it OK if we open Dec.1... I think yes. OK gotta work I love you

Ok will think of this ^_^

Dec. 1 sounds like a nice date to start because at least we can measure how much electricity we consume for the whole month, it's like everything starts at day one...

Nov. 29 is a holiday...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mountain Dew

Checked Sultan Center, they still did not have the new Batman Mountain Dew. Maybe they have it in Carrefour...

Wonder what needs to be collected.

They had a new shipment of Mountain Dew today but it's just regular... nothing special... And some of the Pepsi still had Ramadan packaging.

Maybe the Batman Mountain Dew isn't in this store...

Saw the logo, the one with the buildings, it's kinda cool, I didn't see that the shape of the sky was a bat ^_^

Something new and refreshing.

Diet recall

2 sandwiches - eggplant, slice of sausage, strips of onions, mayonnaise, chicken liver, french fries, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, scrambled eggs

It's delicious but if had my way, no sausage, fries, mayo... But how to live, these food are delicious...

Peanuts, banana, cucumber.

Now gums are receding.

Scurvy. Need vitamin C...

Apple!!! I like Apple the fruit not the computer.

Keep thinking about that iPad for 149.900 in Carrefour. Should have bought it to resell it?

It was cheap and now, all the prices have gone up. So, strategy for next year, wait for the sale again???

Pizza, I miss it but gotta make sure it's real...

Body fat, kinda don't like how it's shaped but it's very stubborn, doesn't want to be shaped the way I like it... very like Grandpa's

Today is the longest day, waiting for what Nokia will say...

Who will have this phone? America?

Maybe I should be diving into pools of water instead, hurtling down at a hundred miles per hour, distorting my lips as wind catches it, to get a buff body.

Or just give in like everyone else and use steroids :(

Or be dirt poor and digging ditches to get that Evangelion abs...

GE, if only families 3 to 5 was level 20... then would have a training card everyday... it's so hard to level it up alone. Should resort to Barrack slots? yeah, that's probably it. So, must continue with the quests... laptop just hums like a mad top, revving loudly and if this goes on for long, fear that the cooling device will die again...

Need to survive until Windows 8 is here...

OK play GE!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So how will Apple respond to all of this?

Apple sees PureView, they will probably just stick to 8 or 12 megapixels and people will still buy it.

Apple sees the edge-to-edge screen, Apple will probably... make an edge-to-edge screen too? So this is Google's bargaining tool. They will let Apple copy this, and in return, Google wants to be allowed to continue to use what they copied from Apple.

So when will Apple make the edge-to-edge screen?

Maybe they didn't know about it so when they were designing the iPad Mini, it still had bevels. So maybe, the iPhone that's coming out will be iPhone 4G and then next year, iPhone 5, with full screen, no bevels.

Apple already saw the Galaxy S, S2 and S3, and they still didn't compete in screen size.

So Apple had that patent where they can upgrade the camera. Maybe they will use that. Maybe it's a stupid idea.

What other patents does Apple have. Oh, the patent where the screen has cameras the size of pixels! That's exciting. If they can make the whole screen as a camera, that would eliminate the need for a front facing camera.

And then Samsung is also going to compete in the camera. which phone will have 16MP? Samsung Galaxy S4?

And Sony... they will also compete...

Looking back, why did LG announce their phone? Now, no one talks about it.

Sony too, they announced the XPERIA T. No talk about that too.

Nokia leaked their phones, now all the talk is about the leak.

Motorola leaked their secret too, and the talk is about the full screen.

So's becoming like that HTC pone where you know it's the best they have but you don't really know what makes it the best.

So where is HTC's phone? It's missing? Or they announced it an I missed it? The Desire X??

Oh, the HTC One X+

OK, we know it, when will it be officially announced? Announce it after Nokia and Motorola presents their phones, no one is going to talk about it...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I like the trailer where there's a bridge and it's cut.

So I read Mountain Dew is going to have a promotion. Collect and Win. I wonder what I need to collect. What I don't like about promotions like these is, I'm willing to buy the product but I'm not willing to consume ALL of the food that I'm buying. If I were in a school and I'm in charge of garbage, that would be better.

I want to win a batmobile!

Dhofar versus Fanja, why did I know about this now?

I like how the stadium is fairly near, not like it's as far as the other end of city's linear road. But I've never attended a match. It's always I'm late to know.

It's OK.

Listening to Merge.

Trance around the world, in the most trance-like voice I can make.

ttytbbiiubllhsa that's what I think is said next

It's trance!

Like the rest of the world still has some trance fans and one of them is here.

Monday, August 27, 2012

So the inspiration now is color. Primary colors.

Yellows, reds, Pinks.

Yeah, I saw pinks last night.

What goes well with pink?

Pair it with black, and it evokes a feeling, so what, it's pink

Love it but not brave enough to pink. So maybe light pink, like red that was soaked and washed and the red faded away. Like the red was drained...

But I want bold, striking colors.

Use a small flash of bright pink. Yeah, that might work. But what?

pink watch, pink phone, pink cover, pink hat...

Don't like pink.

Maybe I'll stick with Superman blue. Yeah, always loved that.

Really depends on what's available.

Let me look at theweek again.

Saw stripes. And polo shirts.

How about maroon. Mirror what's seen from the other people.

Or sea blue.

Orange... or Red...

Or stick to what I know, green.

Or shorts! Maybe should just buy nice, comfy shorts.

Jeans, when will you get a hole! Would it be frowned upon if sported a hole? Or a rip?

Or this design. I want it on a shirt. To counter the swirls.

The pixels seen too, like on the e logo, or on the telephone company's wall, I want that. Inspiring. Or the pattern on the carvings. Would it be an issue if that was lifted and placed upon a shirt? Want squares.
Need to find acid washed jeans and bend and rip it again.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh my goodness if you want me to keep quiet, you gotta pay to keep me quiet. Like a nice yacht to silence me. Oh my goodness. Exaggeration.

So yeah, it's not about you, it's about another person.

So where's Nintendo in all of this? They brought forth the idea of a touchscreen. So Apple sees the DS, touch is good, then joins Moto for the MotoRokr, but then Moto being the asses that they were, just rehashed the e398, but then apparently that gave Apple the connections they needed in AT&T, so, where's Nintendo? Well if they copied Nintendo again... the copycat is Kinect...

I can't really imagine what the next step will be... Kinect on phones... Wii on phones... 3D on phones...

Yeah, so put Windows 7 on my phone so that I can play MMO's on it. Invent a wireless power supply. Like solar. I would be happy.

Or a foldable screen. Doesn't have to fold like a book. Fold it like half-folded paper, so that there's a loop and there's no crease.

Like that bendable, camouflage robot inspired by sea creatures. It could print out a pattern when the ink was introduced through the tubes.

Like half of the screen is normal, but when you unfold it, the other half's image is injected.

There's no other way to have a big screen in a small footprint.

Unless It's paper...

Or a slider with two screens. Or a flip phone with both clams as screens.

See, we're going back to Nintendo.

Nintendo needs to translate that screen to look more like a smartphone's screen, so that when people see it, oh, cool, it looks like a smartphone, now I can use that to show off too when all my friends show off their iPhones.

Right now, the proportions are still gameboy. That have to make it look like a phone. Please Nintendo, I love you.

Premium materials please. The grey plastic is not in line with smartphones.

So what do they need to do? Hire someone from Apple? Or from Samsung? Or Sony? Not HTC or Nokia please... the polycarbonate is not reading well. It tells me, umm, cheap plastic just by looking at it.

I want it to look like the Razr please. Gorilla glass please. Kevlar please. Metal sides please.

Hmm I wonder if Nintendo will do that.

Vita, well... I looked at it, and it's kinda... fat. And the shape kinda doesn't evoke a smartphone... the screen does. Full glass screen, I like it.

Hmm... yeah... see, you hire Penelope and Nicole Kidman but what I see in their hands, it's still a toy, it's not a swanky, to be coveted celebrity item, it doesn't look good in their hands. So make it like a Razr and then hire Penelope and Nicole again ^_^

Saturday, August 18, 2012

So I'm reading Memoirs of an Arabian Princess and I read the titles of the chapters, and I'm already amazed at how each word is a surprise, it's like I can't believe this was written hundreds of years ago, it's like from the future. Well, it was translated, so whoever translated it, it was good. I'm reading the mango trees, how the cocoanut tree is spelled like that, I'm like, oh, I've lived with coconut trees all my life, why didn't I think of spelling it that way... Oh, not coconut ^_^ It's really cocoa for chocolate ^_^

But still, it's like if they made up these words, they're like everything is coming from so many different places, it's so fresh to me. Like reading the first chapter makes me read and reread it because I want to savor it, to enjoy it, like I've never read anything like it. I'm not prepared.

OK I'll continue reading.

It's like, you have read fiction novels, and what you're reading now, it's more imaginative than fiction, but then you think, it's true, this isn't fiction, it's real life, not imagination. Like a whole different world.

I'm constantly distracted by reading this because, at a moment, I want to find out the book reviews for this, and then I encounter a word I don't know, perfidy, and I look it up and it means deception, I'm like, whoa, and continue reading the glowing reviews. It's so much fun to read ^_^

So her Mom was Circassian, so I researched what it was... and the pictures are black and white. The pics of the princess are black and white, and the family pic with the dad and the two children was also in black and white. I'm fascinated by it, like maybe they are beautiful.

So Circassian is white? But she said her mom had black hair. Authoress' pic, I see her nose, I see her eyes, it's round, and she looks like she has an overbite. Like the nose...

Where is Northern Caucasus?

What the heck were they thinking? I think it's a bit far, to get her from Caucasus and then bring her to Zanzibar.

How the heck did they find Zanzibar?

I'm thinking, back then, maybe they were thinking they were at the peak of civilization, so it was like, OK, we'll sail on a boat, so they sailed, and they found an island, and so that's how they found Zanzibar, because they were thinking of great things, they had the ambition to sail.

So the Mom was Circassian... what did she pass on to the Authoress? Light skin... black hair, and from the dad, the nose... well, the nose, they both have strong, nice noses I suppose, so combine them both and it will be nice. It's like, people back then were mixing. So maybe that's why I see a mix here too. Like I'm confused. Just today, I saw the hallmark of a mixed one. He had a mole. I mean, that mole, I noticed that when dark and light mixes... like when they go under the sun and absorb the sunlight, later on, the pigments get collected and form bubble moles ^_^

So anyway, I think it's hot ^_^ Like your ancestors came from all over the place, so you're a nice mix ^_^ delicious

Well slavery, that happened a long time ago, it's what's happened, result is beautiful people now ^_^


I mean, yeah, if you're attracted to each other, maybe that's going to produce cute people because of the attraction.


So anyway, continue with the book. It glides so effortlessly in saying a new topic. Wish I had that skill...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So the search result I got for Muscat is wine.

So I thought, is that a kind of wine, is that a brand, is it a person, what is it?

So Wiki said it's a grape ^_^

There's also people whose last name is Muscat

Hmm so I increased my knowledge ^_^

In another topic, I'm looking at the Nexus 7.

The price in Mizado is almost the same as Alatool.

When I first saw it in Alatool, I was excited, because I thought, ooh, that's a good sign, they have something interesting.

But then, sticker shock.

155 is like 400 bucks... umm... too much...

That's like an iPad already...

So Mizado, I saw their price, and compared it to Alatool, it's within the same range.

I wasn't very familiar before with the currencies. I knew AED is Dubai, but there's also Dirham. So I thought, maybe I'm wrong, so there's AED, what is it?

Oh, it's the same. So Yahoo calls it AED, Mizado calls it Dir

OK over and out

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Uh it's like blogs leaked and they know it, so yeah, you know what I'm thinking, that's why they stayed away.

I almost did a medication error


I looked at the new order, I saw Bisacodyl, I saw it was 5mg...  I went to check if we had that available, because I had an experience before that the drug I needed, it wasn't available... so good thing I checked, because it's not there

And I searched for it

And when I found it, I lucked out and I got about six tablets. I thought, I only need one, so might as well bring more because tomorrow, it will still be used (unless constipation was relieved)

So I gave it, one tablet.

And then, error!

Two heads are better than one, the second head successfully ran an error check parameter, and I saw it. I should have given more.

So, end of story, medication error averted ^_^

I feel I'm getting rusty, like I'm not to 100%
I need food to be alert
Why did I make that mistake...

I was looking at the computer while standing up. I asked someone, who was sitting in front of the computer, can we check the medication please, and then the window was opened, and I looked at it while standing up, so that's where the error was. My attention wasn't as full as it would have been had I been sitting directly in front of the screen. So how to solve this? Better wait my turn and sit in front of the screen. Or look at the dosage.

OK I gotta remember this.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So the other day, I was asked, can you get Ibuprofen for me?

I said yes.

But really, I don't want to.

Good thing later on, he said, oh I still have some.

I didn't want to because it's not mine, I don't want to take it.

I said yes because he needs it.

And for smoother interpersonal relations.

So anyway, I'm thinking of deactivating my facebook again.
The thought got further strengthened when I read they're going to force me to use timeline.

I hate it.

Facebook is too meddlesome. Have you ever heard of inertia? I'm not going to move unless a force acts on me. So I'm not moving. Can you do anything? You're not supposed to, but your doing timeline. Leave me alone.

I just need facebook to communicate.

Of course, in my advantage.

So why am I keeping it open?

It's like a bargaining tool. If I close it, then they would think, aha, hmm... ok, I've got you

No need to further get you because I've got you

I have no skills in playing hard to get... I do it and then I overdo it

So I'm telling, one exit strategy is to take that loan...

All I need to do is pass the exam.

And the other me is telling, no, you're going to make a mistake, what if you're better off here than there

You might have a future here

Where else do you encounter a new place opening?

It's like one of those new accounts opening in a call center, the first hires get the boss positions.

So middle me is saying now, Ok, this is just Plan B, gotta have a plan i case something goes wrong.

Well, if I continue to save, within 3 years, I don't need to take a loan.

But I heard it, forget about it.

So anyway, there's a lot of arguments going on, like many me all talking, like one is saying, oh I'm going there because there, I can marry. Here, you get jail. Another me is saying, are you stupid, this is like chance of a lifetime. Another's saying, nope, you're just imagining things. Looping... like on and on, it repeats.

So like, in the end, the question is about happiness.

I would be happy there because I looked at the HP website, and the prices and the one that I want, it's there, I can order it, I'm at the cutting edge of whatever consumer technology I can buy. I looked at other countries, and it's not the same...

I could buy parts and install it easily, here I can't do that.

But now, I am thinking, well, you could always go there to visit. Doesn't have to be you live there.

Omg, it's like, if I'm to complain like this forever, it's going to be a headache. There's no fun, no happiness in this.

I could not eat, I did it, but when I felt hungry, that's when the thoughts come in, I'm asking, why

And then when it's time to eat, no appetite


So uh, what will family say? Yeah, as a natural reaction, they will ask, why... it's not going to be smooth, it's not going to be like, oh, ok, you did that, you're a grown-up, you decided for yourself. That was my idea, I told them that, I think they might use it when they discover, but really, if  I move, it will elicit a reaction from them. Up to what degree, I don't know.

I mean, it's not realistic that they won't make an issue out of it, of course it will be an issue.

hmm so facebook again, I think it has something to do with that Dream Act, that's why I was contacted.

I should've just not followed the rules!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Omg they're in trouble.

Nothing about them is fun anymore. It's like nothing surprises.

I don't like their new look.

The pikachu yellow hair, it's OK, I like it, but the shaved head is kinda not looking cool anymore. I don't know. Maybe one more month and it has to change.

Give me back the palm tree hair! I loved that, it's so wacky, so unexpected, like if you had that, you would think people will laugh at you but it's so cool, I don't care

Now the clothes are old... like the inspiration was oldness? I don't like it

The silk is not working.

They don't realize, the fans can't wear that... It's ugly!!!!

OMG they're not listening, they're intoxicated with success

It's like they thought, ok, our concept will be old chinese, we'll stick to it, it's like they forgot

they gotta do something fun, the fun doesn't take precedent from the concept, the fun takes center stage

I want them to be fun again!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So hospital, oh my goodness

I shouldn't have laughed but I laughed. Dog bit fingertip and I laughed....omg how non therapeutic...

So you get animal bites... and then you order tetanus shots... and then you get deep wounds, also tetanus shots... and then you get first, I thought, OK allergy, but then someone corrected me, yeah allergy, but if the throat is inflamed, they can't breathe...

And the vehicular accidents omg.. so much blood

So what looked like a shallow head wound, it turns out to be small but deep, like punctured...

And then most of the time is waiting... sad is when doctor calls for the ECG machine... at first, I was like, why, and then later, OK, flat line...

you also get the common cold, I'm like, we're the ER, for emergencies only, please, kindly go to OPD

And then the people who are dizzy... turns out, high BP... so you tell them to rest... and calm them down.. if they panic, if you scare them, BP goes up again... so you're like, OK, how are you.... like very calm...

hmmm I'm tired

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So prominent was out and then he was back...

I'm thinking, if you help this guy, you will win his family's favor.
Plus you're a good nurse.
And you helped society.

It's a win for all!

Obviously these blogs are leaking... I was thinking, do I tell them face to face or leak it here... I feel like they just want to get rid of him, they don't see the potential... it kinda reaches everyone so I'll say here

I wasn't the one who was foldered on the face, or the one shouted upon, so if I put myself in their shoes, yeah, it's upsetting, but it's like, I know it's difficult to not take it personally, but these patients have behavioral problems, and they need help from us, it's part of their disease, emphasis on this, so it's like working with these patients, you have to be patient yourself, it's very difficult, I'm telling we should do this, we should do that, I don't know anything, but I know it's a win for all if we help this guy.

So maybe favored one really was telling the truth and he did contact Pikachu. It's great if like something like this was really true, I think it's true. It was his idea, he was the one who said he wanted a big rehab place to live for a long time, I'm just glad I was assigned to him, I'm glad too that Brother Joel said every shift talk to the patients, I'm glad too that I kinda ignored him because he was cute and then he was looking for someone to talk to... it's like if you give attention early on, they will become suspicious or like, why is this guy talking to me, what does he want... OK I want to take credit for convincing him O_o I'm such a blur

I wonder what he's doing now... I saw him when he was next to the window, a fleeting moment, waving with a smile, and I smiled back, but it's difficult, I'm only allowed to stay where I'm supposed to be... it's like, these guys are thinking, oh you were nice to me when I was there, but how come you never see me now, it's like you're not true

Sigh I need to work on socialization

So yeah I think I didn't show emotion. I did steal a look on a certain spot lol omg and then I shut my eyes. Because why was I looking there. Why am I attracted. Cool too... although the nose was flaring up a bit... why is that? It's like when you get older, things start to get loose and flare

So I'm looking forward to being hypoglycemic and just be more concerned with survival than with sex

It's ridiculous, one moment you're almost dead and then the next day, balls still make hormones

So I get the feeling that, ah, so you're looking at other places huh, so you want to leave, huh, Ok, I'll do this... so I'm thinking, it's like this delusion is getting me nowhere, I have to be realistic, and if salary is this much and the house is this much, it would be faster if I get a bigger salary, so I looked...
I don't want mom to fail there, besides I don't do anything with cash so might as well use it for something good

But it's like $20 an hour! Or even 40... I have to be realistic and delusion is not reality. Was thinking, oh you can't give me stateside experience

But reality is also, currently, I haven't found a way for me to go there still

So I am where I am

And wait, she's the one who's buying a house, not me

If budget is 100,000, then it will take two years worth, no eating, no spending for me

Switch off brain

So pikachu because I like pikachu

p.s. kindly click ads for me ^_^

Sunday, July 8, 2012


It's like it's got its hold everywhere. How the heck do you combat it? It's like even the people who come, they are still looking. Just the other day, the cleaner was cleaning, and this patient, he was like, asking if he had any. I was like, dude, I don't understand what your saying but I know you're asking for drugs.

It's like you catch them ... and then I realized, these dealers, they only started selling so that they can buy drugs hat they will use. It's like, you have no choice, you're addicted, and one way to get the drugs is to sell it, because you need to use the drugs, and even if you know it's bad that you're ruining another person but you're addicted, so I'll sell it...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So diet is chicken, bread, softdrinks...

Little cuts and bruises, they're leaving marks, and it takes longer for them to disappear... why???

been letting the blood pump through strongly, still body is sluggish

I think it's the sleep...

Today, had a refreshing nap ^_^

Just my belly, it wouldn't flatten... I think I got my grandpa's belly's gene

It's the same shape!

It's like you exercise but muscles are sore, body is tired, hungry, so you eat


I think I need to keep things simple

Monday, May 7, 2012

So I'm watchig the arabic music videos and they look like so kick ass awesome but the sound is like it doesn't match

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So I've been eating roast chicken ^_^ I've noticed that the muscles that would usually be less taut by now, are still tight ^_^ I like it.

Not much drug news right now. Oh yeah I already mentioned the sheet of Olfen that I forgot was in my pocket.

I've got mouthwash but I'm too lazy to gargle. Ok I'll use it now!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

So today, I got the Mantoux test.

Now, it's big...

As soon as I got home, I slept...

Was wanting to read as I always do, I let myself give in to weakness and dozed off.

Woke up, felt refreshed.

So, about drugs...

Diclofenac is Olfen

It comes in 100mg tablets

I saw a new tab today. It's pink.


Friday, April 27, 2012

So I thought, I need to know about Amitriptyline, methadone and so on. It's better to commit things to memory than to always looking up things in a book. Faster.

I read how one died because his respiration dropped. I want to know when it is appropriate to withhold meds. It's like you talk with your co-workers, and I raised my concern that the patient doesn't look good, and we're trying to get a consensus of whether to give or not to give, and since the medicine is ordered, they say, give it. So we gave it. Sometimes, being too fearful makes me see situations more problematic than it should be. So nothing happened, patient slept, woke up the next day.
I need to know the signs.
I need to know the finesse of when not to give it.