Friday, August 24, 2012

Oh my goodness if you want me to keep quiet, you gotta pay to keep me quiet. Like a nice yacht to silence me. Oh my goodness. Exaggeration.

So yeah, it's not about you, it's about another person.

So where's Nintendo in all of this? They brought forth the idea of a touchscreen. So Apple sees the DS, touch is good, then joins Moto for the MotoRokr, but then Moto being the asses that they were, just rehashed the e398, but then apparently that gave Apple the connections they needed in AT&T, so, where's Nintendo? Well if they copied Nintendo again... the copycat is Kinect...

I can't really imagine what the next step will be... Kinect on phones... Wii on phones... 3D on phones...

Yeah, so put Windows 7 on my phone so that I can play MMO's on it. Invent a wireless power supply. Like solar. I would be happy.

Or a foldable screen. Doesn't have to fold like a book. Fold it like half-folded paper, so that there's a loop and there's no crease.

Like that bendable, camouflage robot inspired by sea creatures. It could print out a pattern when the ink was introduced through the tubes.

Like half of the screen is normal, but when you unfold it, the other half's image is injected.

There's no other way to have a big screen in a small footprint.

Unless It's paper...

Or a slider with two screens. Or a flip phone with both clams as screens.

See, we're going back to Nintendo.

Nintendo needs to translate that screen to look more like a smartphone's screen, so that when people see it, oh, cool, it looks like a smartphone, now I can use that to show off too when all my friends show off their iPhones.

Right now, the proportions are still gameboy. That have to make it look like a phone. Please Nintendo, I love you.

Premium materials please. The grey plastic is not in line with smartphones.

So what do they need to do? Hire someone from Apple? Or from Samsung? Or Sony? Not HTC or Nokia please... the polycarbonate is not reading well. It tells me, umm, cheap plastic just by looking at it.

I want it to look like the Razr please. Gorilla glass please. Kevlar please. Metal sides please.

Hmm I wonder if Nintendo will do that.

Vita, well... I looked at it, and it's kinda... fat. And the shape kinda doesn't evoke a smartphone... the screen does. Full glass screen, I like it.

Hmm... yeah... see, you hire Penelope and Nicole Kidman but what I see in their hands, it's still a toy, it's not a swanky, to be coveted celebrity item, it doesn't look good in their hands. So make it like a Razr and then hire Penelope and Nicole again ^_^

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