Sunday, September 2, 2012

So how will Apple respond to all of this?

Apple sees PureView, they will probably just stick to 8 or 12 megapixels and people will still buy it.

Apple sees the edge-to-edge screen, Apple will probably... make an edge-to-edge screen too? So this is Google's bargaining tool. They will let Apple copy this, and in return, Google wants to be allowed to continue to use what they copied from Apple.

So when will Apple make the edge-to-edge screen?

Maybe they didn't know about it so when they were designing the iPad Mini, it still had bevels. So maybe, the iPhone that's coming out will be iPhone 4G and then next year, iPhone 5, with full screen, no bevels.

Apple already saw the Galaxy S, S2 and S3, and they still didn't compete in screen size.

So Apple had that patent where they can upgrade the camera. Maybe they will use that. Maybe it's a stupid idea.

What other patents does Apple have. Oh, the patent where the screen has cameras the size of pixels! That's exciting. If they can make the whole screen as a camera, that would eliminate the need for a front facing camera.

And then Samsung is also going to compete in the camera. which phone will have 16MP? Samsung Galaxy S4?

And Sony... they will also compete...

Looking back, why did LG announce their phone? Now, no one talks about it.

Sony too, they announced the XPERIA T. No talk about that too.

Nokia leaked their phones, now all the talk is about the leak.

Motorola leaked their secret too, and the talk is about the full screen.

So's becoming like that HTC pone where you know it's the best they have but you don't really know what makes it the best.

So where is HTC's phone? It's missing? Or they announced it an I missed it? The Desire X??

Oh, the HTC One X+

OK, we know it, when will it be officially announced? Announce it after Nokia and Motorola presents their phones, no one is going to talk about it...

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