Saturday, September 29, 2012

So six or seven capsules of vitamins in the drawer. I forgot about them. Was spacing them out, didn't want them to be finished quickly. But knew they were there. Just didn't bother taking them. Haven't been feeling the need to take them. Except for vitamin C. Feels like my gums have scurvy. Why are they retreating? And even after an orange, they seem to inch forward again, but after a while, or in no time at all, they feel sparse again. Is that normal? Did gums just grow like that, into adult form, or is it scurvy? Like you could tell where they were once, an arc on the teeth.

Just not aggressive enough to eat oranges. Hate dirtying fingers, and then touching mouse or keyboard with it. Maybe I could peel it using plastic?

I do like the taste when it's sweet ^_^

Apples, yeah, I guess this is the only time I like Apple. It's Ok, can wash them, but sometimes I just want to bite without washing... you look at them, they look fine, they're red, they look healthy, they look fresh, and even after washing them, they look the same. I wish I could see what I was washing off so that there's gratification that washing them actually makes a difference, that the pesticides are actually removed.

And what about the top and bottom of the apple? You would think that's where all the bad stuff accumulates. Just too lazy to be even bothered to throw it away, so eat it, I do.

OMG how much pesticides have I consumed?

Hmm how evil is eat, to eat residue....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi YM, when do you want it open?

I don't know if the kitchen in the new hospital if there are stoves in there, and then I also have to make sure there's going to be someone who will cook the food... and then the janitor... and then we have to arrange transpo for the staff.

Was targeting Dec. 1. But then looked at the holidays. So I looked if we can Open Oct. 15. But it's too close, because we have to hire cooks, servers, maintenance people, water trucks... so 1 month might be too close. But I'm thinking, it's doable. I'm just worried if we have to buy beds, that might take a while, I don't know how fast we can get it...

Was also thinking, I want to open as a gift for you!

But is it OK if we open Dec.1... I think yes. OK gotta work I love you

Ok will think of this ^_^

Dec. 1 sounds like a nice date to start because at least we can measure how much electricity we consume for the whole month, it's like everything starts at day one...

Nov. 29 is a holiday...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mountain Dew

Checked Sultan Center, they still did not have the new Batman Mountain Dew. Maybe they have it in Carrefour...

Wonder what needs to be collected.

They had a new shipment of Mountain Dew today but it's just regular... nothing special... And some of the Pepsi still had Ramadan packaging.

Maybe the Batman Mountain Dew isn't in this store...

Saw the logo, the one with the buildings, it's kinda cool, I didn't see that the shape of the sky was a bat ^_^

Something new and refreshing.

Diet recall

2 sandwiches - eggplant, slice of sausage, strips of onions, mayonnaise, chicken liver, french fries, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, scrambled eggs

It's delicious but if had my way, no sausage, fries, mayo... But how to live, these food are delicious...

Peanuts, banana, cucumber.

Now gums are receding.

Scurvy. Need vitamin C...

Apple!!! I like Apple the fruit not the computer.

Keep thinking about that iPad for 149.900 in Carrefour. Should have bought it to resell it?

It was cheap and now, all the prices have gone up. So, strategy for next year, wait for the sale again???

Pizza, I miss it but gotta make sure it's real...

Body fat, kinda don't like how it's shaped but it's very stubborn, doesn't want to be shaped the way I like it... very like Grandpa's

Today is the longest day, waiting for what Nokia will say...

Who will have this phone? America?

Maybe I should be diving into pools of water instead, hurtling down at a hundred miles per hour, distorting my lips as wind catches it, to get a buff body.

Or just give in like everyone else and use steroids :(

Or be dirt poor and digging ditches to get that Evangelion abs...

GE, if only families 3 to 5 was level 20... then would have a training card everyday... it's so hard to level it up alone. Should resort to Barrack slots? yeah, that's probably it. So, must continue with the quests... laptop just hums like a mad top, revving loudly and if this goes on for long, fear that the cooling device will die again...

Need to survive until Windows 8 is here...

OK play GE!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

So how will Apple respond to all of this?

Apple sees PureView, they will probably just stick to 8 or 12 megapixels and people will still buy it.

Apple sees the edge-to-edge screen, Apple will probably... make an edge-to-edge screen too? So this is Google's bargaining tool. They will let Apple copy this, and in return, Google wants to be allowed to continue to use what they copied from Apple.

So when will Apple make the edge-to-edge screen?

Maybe they didn't know about it so when they were designing the iPad Mini, it still had bevels. So maybe, the iPhone that's coming out will be iPhone 4G and then next year, iPhone 5, with full screen, no bevels.

Apple already saw the Galaxy S, S2 and S3, and they still didn't compete in screen size.

So Apple had that patent where they can upgrade the camera. Maybe they will use that. Maybe it's a stupid idea.

What other patents does Apple have. Oh, the patent where the screen has cameras the size of pixels! That's exciting. If they can make the whole screen as a camera, that would eliminate the need for a front facing camera.

And then Samsung is also going to compete in the camera. which phone will have 16MP? Samsung Galaxy S4?

And Sony... they will also compete...

Looking back, why did LG announce their phone? Now, no one talks about it.

Sony too, they announced the XPERIA T. No talk about that too.

Nokia leaked their phones, now all the talk is about the leak.

Motorola leaked their secret too, and the talk is about the full screen.

So's becoming like that HTC pone where you know it's the best they have but you don't really know what makes it the best.

So where is HTC's phone? It's missing? Or they announced it an I missed it? The Desire X??

Oh, the HTC One X+

OK, we know it, when will it be officially announced? Announce it after Nokia and Motorola presents their phones, no one is going to talk about it...