Saturday, August 18, 2012

So I'm reading Memoirs of an Arabian Princess and I read the titles of the chapters, and I'm already amazed at how each word is a surprise, it's like I can't believe this was written hundreds of years ago, it's like from the future. Well, it was translated, so whoever translated it, it was good. I'm reading the mango trees, how the cocoanut tree is spelled like that, I'm like, oh, I've lived with coconut trees all my life, why didn't I think of spelling it that way... Oh, not coconut ^_^ It's really cocoa for chocolate ^_^

But still, it's like if they made up these words, they're like everything is coming from so many different places, it's so fresh to me. Like reading the first chapter makes me read and reread it because I want to savor it, to enjoy it, like I've never read anything like it. I'm not prepared.

OK I'll continue reading.

It's like, you have read fiction novels, and what you're reading now, it's more imaginative than fiction, but then you think, it's true, this isn't fiction, it's real life, not imagination. Like a whole different world.

I'm constantly distracted by reading this because, at a moment, I want to find out the book reviews for this, and then I encounter a word I don't know, perfidy, and I look it up and it means deception, I'm like, whoa, and continue reading the glowing reviews. It's so much fun to read ^_^

So her Mom was Circassian, so I researched what it was... and the pictures are black and white. The pics of the princess are black and white, and the family pic with the dad and the two children was also in black and white. I'm fascinated by it, like maybe they are beautiful.

So Circassian is white? But she said her mom had black hair. Authoress' pic, I see her nose, I see her eyes, it's round, and she looks like she has an overbite. Like the nose...

Where is Northern Caucasus?

What the heck were they thinking? I think it's a bit far, to get her from Caucasus and then bring her to Zanzibar.

How the heck did they find Zanzibar?

I'm thinking, back then, maybe they were thinking they were at the peak of civilization, so it was like, OK, we'll sail on a boat, so they sailed, and they found an island, and so that's how they found Zanzibar, because they were thinking of great things, they had the ambition to sail.

So the Mom was Circassian... what did she pass on to the Authoress? Light skin... black hair, and from the dad, the nose... well, the nose, they both have strong, nice noses I suppose, so combine them both and it will be nice. It's like, people back then were mixing. So maybe that's why I see a mix here too. Like I'm confused. Just today, I saw the hallmark of a mixed one. He had a mole. I mean, that mole, I noticed that when dark and light mixes... like when they go under the sun and absorb the sunlight, later on, the pigments get collected and form bubble moles ^_^

So anyway, I think it's hot ^_^ Like your ancestors came from all over the place, so you're a nice mix ^_^ delicious

Well slavery, that happened a long time ago, it's what's happened, result is beautiful people now ^_^


I mean, yeah, if you're attracted to each other, maybe that's going to produce cute people because of the attraction.


So anyway, continue with the book. It glides so effortlessly in saying a new topic. Wish I had that skill...

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