Saturday, September 29, 2012

So six or seven capsules of vitamins in the drawer. I forgot about them. Was spacing them out, didn't want them to be finished quickly. But knew they were there. Just didn't bother taking them. Haven't been feeling the need to take them. Except for vitamin C. Feels like my gums have scurvy. Why are they retreating? And even after an orange, they seem to inch forward again, but after a while, or in no time at all, they feel sparse again. Is that normal? Did gums just grow like that, into adult form, or is it scurvy? Like you could tell where they were once, an arc on the teeth.

Just not aggressive enough to eat oranges. Hate dirtying fingers, and then touching mouse or keyboard with it. Maybe I could peel it using plastic?

I do like the taste when it's sweet ^_^

Apples, yeah, I guess this is the only time I like Apple. It's Ok, can wash them, but sometimes I just want to bite without washing... you look at them, they look fine, they're red, they look healthy, they look fresh, and even after washing them, they look the same. I wish I could see what I was washing off so that there's gratification that washing them actually makes a difference, that the pesticides are actually removed.

And what about the top and bottom of the apple? You would think that's where all the bad stuff accumulates. Just too lazy to be even bothered to throw it away, so eat it, I do.

OMG how much pesticides have I consumed?

Hmm how evil is eat, to eat residue....

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