Monday, July 30, 2012

Omg they're in trouble.

Nothing about them is fun anymore. It's like nothing surprises.

I don't like their new look.

The pikachu yellow hair, it's OK, I like it, but the shaved head is kinda not looking cool anymore. I don't know. Maybe one more month and it has to change.

Give me back the palm tree hair! I loved that, it's so wacky, so unexpected, like if you had that, you would think people will laugh at you but it's so cool, I don't care

Now the clothes are old... like the inspiration was oldness? I don't like it

The silk is not working.

They don't realize, the fans can't wear that... It's ugly!!!!

OMG they're not listening, they're intoxicated with success

It's like they thought, ok, our concept will be old chinese, we'll stick to it, it's like they forgot

they gotta do something fun, the fun doesn't take precedent from the concept, the fun takes center stage

I want them to be fun again!!!!

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