Monday, July 30, 2012

Omg they're in trouble.

Nothing about them is fun anymore. It's like nothing surprises.

I don't like their new look.

The pikachu yellow hair, it's OK, I like it, but the shaved head is kinda not looking cool anymore. I don't know. Maybe one more month and it has to change.

Give me back the palm tree hair! I loved that, it's so wacky, so unexpected, like if you had that, you would think people will laugh at you but it's so cool, I don't care

Now the clothes are old... like the inspiration was oldness? I don't like it

The silk is not working.

They don't realize, the fans can't wear that... It's ugly!!!!

OMG they're not listening, they're intoxicated with success

It's like they thought, ok, our concept will be old chinese, we'll stick to it, it's like they forgot

they gotta do something fun, the fun doesn't take precedent from the concept, the fun takes center stage

I want them to be fun again!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So hospital, oh my goodness

I shouldn't have laughed but I laughed. Dog bit fingertip and I laughed....omg how non therapeutic...

So you get animal bites... and then you order tetanus shots... and then you get deep wounds, also tetanus shots... and then you get first, I thought, OK allergy, but then someone corrected me, yeah allergy, but if the throat is inflamed, they can't breathe...

And the vehicular accidents omg.. so much blood

So what looked like a shallow head wound, it turns out to be small but deep, like punctured...

And then most of the time is waiting... sad is when doctor calls for the ECG machine... at first, I was like, why, and then later, OK, flat line...

you also get the common cold, I'm like, we're the ER, for emergencies only, please, kindly go to OPD

And then the people who are dizzy... turns out, high BP... so you tell them to rest... and calm them down.. if they panic, if you scare them, BP goes up again... so you're like, OK, how are you.... like very calm...

hmmm I'm tired

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So prominent was out and then he was back...

I'm thinking, if you help this guy, you will win his family's favor.
Plus you're a good nurse.
And you helped society.

It's a win for all!

Obviously these blogs are leaking... I was thinking, do I tell them face to face or leak it here... I feel like they just want to get rid of him, they don't see the potential... it kinda reaches everyone so I'll say here

I wasn't the one who was foldered on the face, or the one shouted upon, so if I put myself in their shoes, yeah, it's upsetting, but it's like, I know it's difficult to not take it personally, but these patients have behavioral problems, and they need help from us, it's part of their disease, emphasis on this, so it's like working with these patients, you have to be patient yourself, it's very difficult, I'm telling we should do this, we should do that, I don't know anything, but I know it's a win for all if we help this guy.

So maybe favored one really was telling the truth and he did contact Pikachu. It's great if like something like this was really true, I think it's true. It was his idea, he was the one who said he wanted a big rehab place to live for a long time, I'm just glad I was assigned to him, I'm glad too that Brother Joel said every shift talk to the patients, I'm glad too that I kinda ignored him because he was cute and then he was looking for someone to talk to... it's like if you give attention early on, they will become suspicious or like, why is this guy talking to me, what does he want... OK I want to take credit for convincing him O_o I'm such a blur

I wonder what he's doing now... I saw him when he was next to the window, a fleeting moment, waving with a smile, and I smiled back, but it's difficult, I'm only allowed to stay where I'm supposed to be... it's like, these guys are thinking, oh you were nice to me when I was there, but how come you never see me now, it's like you're not true

Sigh I need to work on socialization

So yeah I think I didn't show emotion. I did steal a look on a certain spot lol omg and then I shut my eyes. Because why was I looking there. Why am I attracted. Cool too... although the nose was flaring up a bit... why is that? It's like when you get older, things start to get loose and flare

So I'm looking forward to being hypoglycemic and just be more concerned with survival than with sex

It's ridiculous, one moment you're almost dead and then the next day, balls still make hormones

So I get the feeling that, ah, so you're looking at other places huh, so you want to leave, huh, Ok, I'll do this... so I'm thinking, it's like this delusion is getting me nowhere, I have to be realistic, and if salary is this much and the house is this much, it would be faster if I get a bigger salary, so I looked...
I don't want mom to fail there, besides I don't do anything with cash so might as well use it for something good

But it's like $20 an hour! Or even 40... I have to be realistic and delusion is not reality. Was thinking, oh you can't give me stateside experience

But reality is also, currently, I haven't found a way for me to go there still

So I am where I am

And wait, she's the one who's buying a house, not me

If budget is 100,000, then it will take two years worth, no eating, no spending for me

Switch off brain

So pikachu because I like pikachu

p.s. kindly click ads for me ^_^

Sunday, July 8, 2012


It's like it's got its hold everywhere. How the heck do you combat it? It's like even the people who come, they are still looking. Just the other day, the cleaner was cleaning, and this patient, he was like, asking if he had any. I was like, dude, I don't understand what your saying but I know you're asking for drugs.

It's like you catch them ... and then I realized, these dealers, they only started selling so that they can buy drugs hat they will use. It's like, you have no choice, you're addicted, and one way to get the drugs is to sell it, because you need to use the drugs, and even if you know it's bad that you're ruining another person but you're addicted, so I'll sell it...