Saturday, April 20, 2013

So some people, they have it! All they need to do is pass!

Some people, they pass, but they don't have it!

Can you just mix them like juice and then stir with a spoon and then, refreshments, they're now delicious.

Like here, there's petrol, but then, it's hot.

Other places, like home, weather is nice, but then, people are poor.

It's like you can't have it all!

But then you do meet people, and you think, gosh, they have it all, and you think, it is attainable!

Like that co-examinee. OMG the youth, the smarts, the wealth, omg where is your imperfection! You can't be perfect, I'm in denial!

Like a smile and then wham I'm stunned.

Stupid attraction protocols signalling me, look at what's in front, such a fine specimen.

Defense mechanism still successful though, but at the same time, what if? What if I pursued it? Am I going to end up old, alone, full of regrets?

So to dumb things down, make things simple, yes or no, decision was no.

Cat photos of johar, hmm I like the cat.

So maybe it's all in a state of mind. Hot is not so hot. It's not that bad. Sure, it's warm, that's why you need to protect yourself.

So poor, it's not so poor, we're still happy, instead of being glum, poor already, so smile.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So my patient was taking Fluoxetine. I took care to spell it correctly, with the u and the the letter o. Just like the word fluoride.

Now, IELTS. I write my essay, and I use the word flourish. OMG I used uo instead of ou for flourish!

I attribute this mistake from being so cautious in spelling Fluoxetine that when the time came that I needed to spell flourish, I misspelled it. At times like these, when you are faced with an exam, the tensions are high and I tend to think differently. I proofread my essay, but only when the invigilator said that the time was up did I realize my mistake. I can't touch my pencil!

So I'm taking a hit for that.

I researched online, and some website mentioned that a grade of 9 for writing allows for 1 misspelling.

I honestly don't know what grade they're going to give me. I might be damned in hell for writing the way I did, with a long sentence structure and complex run-on sentences. If they lifted it off my paper and write it in Word, I think red would appear, as Word is imperfect and sometimes gives that.

Maybe they want the test takers to write easy essays so that they can grade it easily.

Ah, I see, they will give me a bad grade so that I'll spread the message to everyone, through word of mouth, to avoid creating overly convoluted essays.

Tomorrow, results.