Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I like the trailer where there's a bridge and it's cut.

So I read Mountain Dew is going to have a promotion. Collect and Win. I wonder what I need to collect. What I don't like about promotions like these is, I'm willing to buy the product but I'm not willing to consume ALL of the food that I'm buying. If I were in a school and I'm in charge of garbage, that would be better.

I want to win a batmobile!

Dhofar versus Fanja, why did I know about this now?

I like how the stadium is fairly near, not like it's as far as the other end of city's linear road. But I've never attended a match. It's always I'm late to know.

It's OK.

Listening to Merge.

Trance around the world, in the most trance-like voice I can make.

ttytbbiiubllhsa that's what I think is said next

It's trance!

Like the rest of the world still has some trance fans and one of them is here.

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