Monday, August 27, 2012

So the inspiration now is color. Primary colors.

Yellows, reds, Pinks.

Yeah, I saw pinks last night.

What goes well with pink?

Pair it with black, and it evokes a feeling, so what, it's pink

Love it but not brave enough to pink. So maybe light pink, like red that was soaked and washed and the red faded away. Like the red was drained...

But I want bold, striking colors.

Use a small flash of bright pink. Yeah, that might work. But what?

pink watch, pink phone, pink cover, pink hat...

Don't like pink.

Maybe I'll stick with Superman blue. Yeah, always loved that.

Really depends on what's available.

Let me look at theweek again.

Saw stripes. And polo shirts.

How about maroon. Mirror what's seen from the other people.

Or sea blue.

Orange... or Red...

Or stick to what I know, green.

Or shorts! Maybe should just buy nice, comfy shorts.

Jeans, when will you get a hole! Would it be frowned upon if sported a hole? Or a rip?

Or this design. I want it on a shirt. To counter the swirls.

The pixels seen too, like on the e logo, or on the telephone company's wall, I want that. Inspiring. Or the pattern on the carvings. Would it be an issue if that was lifted and placed upon a shirt? Want squares.
Need to find acid washed jeans and bend and rip it again.

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