Saturday, August 11, 2012

So the search result I got for Muscat is wine.

So I thought, is that a kind of wine, is that a brand, is it a person, what is it?

So Wiki said it's a grape ^_^

There's also people whose last name is Muscat

Hmm so I increased my knowledge ^_^

In another topic, I'm looking at the Nexus 7.

The price in Mizado is almost the same as Alatool.

When I first saw it in Alatool, I was excited, because I thought, ooh, that's a good sign, they have something interesting.

But then, sticker shock.

155 is like 400 bucks... umm... too much...

That's like an iPad already...

So Mizado, I saw their price, and compared it to Alatool, it's within the same range.

I wasn't very familiar before with the currencies. I knew AED is Dubai, but there's also Dirham. So I thought, maybe I'm wrong, so there's AED, what is it?

Oh, it's the same. So Yahoo calls it AED, Mizado calls it Dir

OK over and out

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