Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hi YM, when do you want it open?

I don't know if the kitchen in the new hospital if there are stoves in there, and then I also have to make sure there's going to be someone who will cook the food... and then the janitor... and then we have to arrange transpo for the staff.

Was targeting Dec. 1. But then looked at the holidays. So I looked if we can Open Oct. 15. But it's too close, because we have to hire cooks, servers, maintenance people, water trucks... so 1 month might be too close. But I'm thinking, it's doable. I'm just worried if we have to buy beds, that might take a while, I don't know how fast we can get it...

Was also thinking, I want to open as a gift for you!

But is it OK if we open Dec.1... I think yes. OK gotta work I love you

Ok will think of this ^_^

Dec. 1 sounds like a nice date to start because at least we can measure how much electricity we consume for the whole month, it's like everything starts at day one...

Nov. 29 is a holiday...

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