Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So my patient was taking Fluoxetine. I took care to spell it correctly, with the u and the the letter o. Just like the word fluoride.

Now, IELTS. I write my essay, and I use the word flourish. OMG I used uo instead of ou for flourish!

I attribute this mistake from being so cautious in spelling Fluoxetine that when the time came that I needed to spell flourish, I misspelled it. At times like these, when you are faced with an exam, the tensions are high and I tend to think differently. I proofread my essay, but only when the invigilator said that the time was up did I realize my mistake. I can't touch my pencil!

So I'm taking a hit for that.

I researched online, and some website mentioned that a grade of 9 for writing allows for 1 misspelling.

I honestly don't know what grade they're going to give me. I might be damned in hell for writing the way I did, with a long sentence structure and complex run-on sentences. If they lifted it off my paper and write it in Word, I think red would appear, as Word is imperfect and sometimes gives that.

Maybe they want the test takers to write easy essays so that they can grade it easily.

Ah, I see, they will give me a bad grade so that I'll spread the message to everyone, through word of mouth, to avoid creating overly convoluted essays.

Tomorrow, results.

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